Dump Da Code FAQ

What is Dump Da Code?
Dump Da Code is just another so called pastebin website. That simply means that you can permanently store some fragment of programming code on Dump Da Code and share link to it to your collegues and friends (and enemies, if you will). Also you can store any text information, as well.

What if I want to highlight the syntax of the pasted fragment of code?
Well. This is what the Dump Da Code does!

What is time-out for storing data on Dump Da Code?
No time-out! The data will be on Dump Da Code untill I delete them manually or untill that will do the owner of the dump. Yep, I delete some dumps manually due to the abuse requests.

I do not want anybody can see my dump
You can protect your dump with the password feature. When you create a new dump enter something into password field and nobody will have access to your snippet until he enters the right password.

How to contact site owner?
Here is my mail: admin@nullfix.com

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